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To Schedule an Appointment

Call me at 406-460-0728 to schedule an appointment.  My schedule is flexible and I am excited for you to try Bowen!

Bowenwork of Montana is located at 925 Oilfield Avenue, Shelby, MT 59474.

What can I expect at a Bowen session?  
A Bowen session generally lasts about 40-60 minutes.  Clients lie on a massage table or may be seated in a chair.  Each session consists of several sets of moves.  The moves are gentle, but purposeful and can be done through light clothing.  After each set of moves, are momentary pauses.  These pauses allow your body to absorb the moves. Most clients wear or bring a tank top or tee shirt and gym shorts.   

After your Appointment
  • DO drink plenty of water.  Bowen gets that lymphatic drainage started so drink lots of water.  
  • DO move around, walk, or exercise.  Keep that circulation moving.  If you sit at a desk most of the day, get up every 30 minutes and just walk to the bathroom or filing cabinet.  The worst thing you can do is just sit for hours  
  • DO wait 7-10 days before another Bowen session, massage, physical therapy, chiropractor or other manipulative therapy. Give Bowen time to work.  Each body responds in its own time to Bowen
  • DO use the sauna as often as you like!  Bowen starts your lymphatic drainage and that is a great way to detoxify
  • DON’T use any ice packs, hot packs, heating pads, electric blankets, car seat warmers or heating ointments.  
  • DON’T soak in the hot tub or your bath tub
  • DON’T take long hot showers or use orthotics

  • Please fill out the following two forms for all new appointments

every "body" needs Bowen

Phone:  406-460-0728      
Location: 925 Oilfield Avenue, Shelby, MT 59474
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