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What clients are saying....

“I had trouble with my hand continually going numb when doing simple tasks such as gripping my curling iron or putting on makeup. The Bowen treatments have successfully eliminated the numbness in my hand. “ M

“Bowen improved the Range of Motion in my neck. It is very relaxing!” S

I woke up the next morning thinking that Bowen is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My back felt 100% better and I’ve been sleeping through the night. “ S

“Bowen has given me more relief than chiropractors or massages.” M

"After 2 treatments my Sciatic pain was gone."  B

“I had trouble with lower back pain going down into my leg, which was very painful and kept me from daily activities, as well as sleeping at night. After a few Bowen treatments my pain is gone. I would recommend this to anyone having any pain issues as opposed to medicine or surgery. “ E

I can't believe how much Bowen has helped relieve my migraines.  I have less frequent migraines and less intense. If I have a treatment as soon as I feel a migraine coming on, it is gone within a short time. S

“Bowen makes absolutely no sense…but it really works! “ B

“I was a little skeptical when I first started, but I know that it really works and would recommend Bowen to anyone! “L

“It’s GREAT! I feel better all over! I love my weekly Bowen Session! “F

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every "body" needs Bowen

Phone: 406-460-0728

Location: Unit 4 at 925 Oilfield Avenue, Shelby, 


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